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Bulk Billing is available for all children under 16 years and for holders of a current:

  • Pension Card
  • Health Care Card
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card

Some procedures (e.g. Mirena, implanon, minor excisions, molemate, iron infusions, spirometry etc) may incur an extra fee.


Standard Fees

Consultation Fee Rebate
Standard $75.00 $38.75
Long $110.00 $75.05
Prolong $145.00 $110.50


Dr Jafari

Dr Jafari is unable to put any billings through to Medicare. Fees for Dr Jafari are $25 for children under 16 and patients on a pension or health care card from Centrelink. $40 for all other patients.

* Please note there is no medicare rebate for these payments.